Pneumatic & Electro Pneumatic (P-Simulator)

Computer Simulation of Pneumatic and Electro- Pneumatic Components and Complete System with Full Cross-section Animation. P Simulator is a stand alone software package and can work as an add-on to the LSM Automation Training package. P Simulator is a unique Pneumatic and Electro- Pneumatic cross sectional simulation software. Using PSimulator Technical Personnel/ Engineering Students quickly and easily understand the operation of Pneumatic components, will be designing working systems within just one Training session. Components are selected from a large library, connected with tubes, and integrated into a circuit. All this happens with few clicks of the mouse button. The cross sectional view of the components and the full animation capabilities make PSimulator unique learning tool. Industry Personnel /Students use PSimulator and the included technology activities package to learn the fundamentals of Pneumatic and electro- Pneumatic and then apply this knowledge by designing and controlling real hands-on Pneumatic and electro- Pneumatic systems.

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